About the project

Website Missale Meum has been established for God's greater glory and for people's avail. The site incorporates a complete liturgical calendar with propers and other texts used in the Tridentine Mass and presents them in a comprehensible manner.

English and Latin texts come from the venerable website Divinum Officium. Some parts of Ordo have been borrowed from Fish Eaters. The project's codebase is available in github repository. This website is a private project and does not represent any official organization or group.


« The harvest indeed is great, but the labourers are few.» – says our Lord Jesus Christ.

If you appreciate Missale Meum project, you can help improve it:

  • by offering prayers for the project and its authors,
  • by providing your feedback – every opinion, suggestion, idea, error report is invaluable and motivates further work,
  • by disseminating the project,
  • by providing content, such as missing texts, bible commentaries, etc.,
  • by providing a donation for service maintenance and development


All opinions, suggestions, ideas, error reports, etc., can be directed through the form below.